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Viktoria Brown ultrarunner and triathlete

Athlete Bio

Viktoria Brown is a Hungarian-Canadian ultrarunner, 5-time World Champion, previously World Record Holder, 3 x Canadian National Record Holder and triathlete. She started running for weight loss in 2015, after her 3rd daughter was born, at the age of 40. She finished her first Ironman race in 2017 and started working with a coach in 2018. Her break-through season came in 2020 when she won the Hungarian National Long-Course Triathlon Championship and a month later she ran her first ultra, a 24h timed race where she broke the course record, broke the Canadian soil record, came 1st overall including men and became No1 selection for the Canadian National 24h Team. She broke the Canadian 48h ultrarunning open record 2 months later.

In 2021 she broke 3 Canadian National Records: 100mi, 48h and 72h. In 2022 she broke her first World Record, the 72h timed race. Continuing her success in 2022 she improved on her 72h World Record, 48h Canadian Record and broke the 6-day Canadian Record. In September she won the inaugural GOMU 48h World Championship in Hainesport, NJ, USA. In March 2023 she won the first and so far only 6-day World Championship individual and team event, defended her 48h World Champion title, also winning the team event, and further improved on her 72h World Record, 48h and 72h Canadian records. She placed 4th female at the World's Toughest Footrace, the Badwater 135 ultramarathon. In 2024 she won her first ultratriathlon race, Ultraman Florida then went on to break the Canadian and Hungarian women's and the Canadian MEN'S (!!!) 48h record while securing her 6th World Champion title with Team Hungary.

Private Life

Viktoria Brown is a mother of 3 young girls and a serial entrepreneur. She was born in Hungary where she finished 3 undergraduate courses in International Marketing, Broadcast Media and Software Engineering. Her first career was in broadcast journalism, she worked for Hungarian TV and radio channels, commentated on the equestrian events at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, interviewed celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Sandra Bullock and ended her journalism career working for the BBC as a presenter and editor in London, England. After her department was closed down by the BBC she got interested in playing poker for a living and played professionally, as a sponsored poker player, online and live for several years. Her best result was a 13th place at the WSOP (World Championship) in Las Vegas, NV, USA in 2009 out of 3000 participants and online a 2nd place at the Sunday Warm-up tournament out of 4000 players. She quit playing poker after her first child was born. 

BBC Radio, London, 2004

Family, 2021

WSOP, Las Vegas, 2009